2023/04/25 - Career

New training methods: a key success factor

Corpo_gamelearn&gofluent.jpgEach year, 85% of our employees across all categories and countries receive at least one training course. This is in particular thanks to a serious gaming platform and a language training interface that allow each employee to learn at his or her own pace. 

In today's ever-changing world, continuous learning has become an essential pillar of business success, especially in the highly competitive animal health sector. At Virbac, training is not only about acquiring professional skills, but also about developing a culture of continuous learning within our organization. With this in mind, we have developed innovative, digital and accessible training programs.

A fun interface to facilitate learning 

In particular, we work with a serious gaming platform that transforms learning into an engaging and immersive experience. These "games" enable our employees to acquire essential knowledge and skills in a fun way, promoting better understanding and retention of information.
Now that these new modalities have proven their worth, we are able to convey complex aspects of animal health, management or the Group's code of conduct through engaging games that stimulate the mind while providing an enjoyable experience. Thanks to this type of interface, our teams can immerse themselves in interactive scenarios, practice, solve problems and make strategic decisions, thus dynamically reinforcing their expertise.

Streamline internal communications in an international context 

The quality of communication is essential for effective collaboration in a global enterprise. That's why we created a digital learning platform for our teams to acquire or improve language skills at their own pace.
Employees have access to interactive courses in twelve different languages. This linguistic diversity fosters greater understanding among employees across our group's 35 subsidiaries, increasing operational efficiency on a global scale.

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