2019/08/02 - Career

Newcomers digital programme: a better way of sharing the corporate culture

Digital Newcomers 300x200.jpgIn early June, Virbac launched a digital program dedicated to all new employees. Objective: within the first weeks of their arrival, build a common foundation of knowledge about the Group, its operations and its corporate culture.

For Virbac, the newcomer welcome program is a key factor when it comes to integration and engagement with the Group. This was reflected in the last internal opinion survey, in which 84% of employees believe that they received a warm welcome. That said, although several welcome programs have existed throughout the company, they were not necessarily organized for all subsidiaries or accessible to all teams, nor was their content uniform from one country to another. Over the last few years, the Group has also recognized a growing internationalization and a considerable volume of recruitment. The implementation of a digital program, accessible to all positions and countries, has become vital to sharing the same level of information with all employees.

So in early June, Virbac launched a Group digital program on its online training platform, Virbac Learn, where all new employees are automatically registered. The program, which lasts approximately five hours, is divided into three sections that incorporate compulsory video modules and documents on the company and its culture, organization of core functions and assets protection. Available in three languages (English, Spanish and French), it will be gradually added to and improved thanks to participant feedback.

This digital program is designed to be complementary to physical training sessions, which will continue to take place at headquarters and subsidiaries. The combined overall program should develop employees’ understanding of Virbac’s culture and its approach specific to each business area, all in the service of animal health.