2015/05/26 - Career

Newcomers international: the platform for Virbac culture

170. This is the number of newcomers joining Virbac subsidiaries who, since 2009, have taken part in the induction programme organized at headquarters by the Corporate Communications, in addition to local sessions. What are the benefits of this programme? Answers from the internal communications manager.

What does the newcomers corporate programme involve? 
It involves three consecutive days organized at headquarters twice a year, usually in June and November. The first day is given over to presenting the company, its strategy through the Virbac Way, the brand identity and the principles of e-reputation. All this is supplemented by a visit to the production units. During the second day the innovation and business functions as well as competitive intelligence are introduced with the R&D laboratories. 
And on the last day? 
For business-related staff this is given over entirely to GMBO (Global Marketing & Business Optimization), with the programme including the missions of the department, the Virbac Business School, product information and market data, procedures to market and transfer products to subsidiaries. As for non-business participants, these attend satellite meetings, depending on their position. 
What is the background context behind this programme? 
Before the induction process was formalised many departments were regularly asked to give a presentation of their activities in individual sessions to overseas staff who had come to meet their counterparts at headquarters. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness and optimize costs, today the approach is different: specific individual meetings are now scheduled for just before or after the group sessions of the newcomers corporate programme. 
What are its objectives? 
The aim of the core sessions of the programme is primarily to present the overall culture of the business through a description of its organization, its operation and its strategy. The practical information provided, in particular during the Intranet session and in the documents in the induction package, also improves employees' ability to operate autonomously when carrying out their day to day activities. 
And the satellite meetings? 
These meetings allow every new employee to create their own network of those key contacts at headquarters that they will be dealing with: these will become the real daily points of contact. At the end of the day this programme, which for most of those involved represents a unique opportunity to visit Carros, is a means of improving both the individual effectiveness of new staff and the collective performance of the Virbac organization.