2014/11/17 - Career

Take your talent into new territories


Formalize an employer message to support the company's international growth. This is the objective of Virbac. Details from the Head of Corporate Human Resources.

Why is Virbac searching for new talents?
Exactly. Virbac is a thriving company and this is reflected in a regular increase in the workforce, through both acquisitions and recruitment. In 2013 alone, 437 new employees were hired across the company's fourteen main subsidiaries. Virbac is also facing major challenges, such as aquaculture or compliance which means attracting new talent with high levels of expertise.
What are the key messages?
The company's future depends on its ability to innovate and its proximity to customers is a differentiating asset in our strategy. Virbac is therefore seeking creative and committed men and women with excellent listening skills, who are willing to take up challenges and have confidence in their abilities. Joining the Virbac also means taking part in a great human adventure where everybody's dedication and entrepreneurial spirit help every employee to develop. In addition to these general principles, the Employer Value Proposition is structured around three axes.
What are they?
The first, continuous development, highlights the constantly changing situation for Virbac and its environment, offering professional growth for all andproviding many opportunities. The second focus is innovative thinking dedicated to animal health. Every employee, within a defined framework of action, is invited to suggest new ways of doing things or new ideas to meet customer needs. Finally, working at Virbac means joining a company which puts people at the heart of its organization and performance.