2023/05/16 - Career

Tools to build your career at Virbac

Corpo_new competencies & development guide.jpgTwo new tools have been introduced this year: the job catalog and competency framework, to enable everyone to play an active role in their professional development.

At Virbac, we firmly believe that every talent is key to our collective success. That's why we are committed to developing everyone's potential. In 2023, we have introduced two new tools to facilitate employees’ autonomy in their development within our company.

A job catalog covering all Virbac professions 

Open to all our employees, our job catalog is a resource that lists all the professions within Virbac. Designed by our Human Resources team in collaboration with 70 experts, it aims to:

  • facilitate open communication within our organization;
  • provide clear answers to the question "What is expected of my job?”;
  • enable those interested in internal mobility to find out about the various career opportunities available.

The competency framework: the key to personal development

We have also defined six essential and differentiating behavioral competencies for all our professions. These competencies define the way we work and the approach we take to achieve our long-term goals. They are :

  1. drives performance and results;
  2. customer focus;
  3. drives innovation;
  4. learning agility;
  5. collaborates with others;
  6. optimizes talent.

Each of these competencies is carefully defined to guide each employee's personal and professional growth.

To sum up, the job catalog identifies the key responsibilities and missions of each position, while the behavioral competencies specify how an individual can effectively perform them. In this way, we ensure that everyone has a better understanding of what is expected of them in terms of activities, responsibilities, autonomy and competencies. The goal is to provide our teams with the concrete means to build their careers, whatever their profession.

Come and join us!