2014/02/03 - Career

Virbac & V.I.E.: a win-win contract

In five years, the number of V.I.E. (Volunteer for international experience) contracts at Virbac has more than doubled. How is this trend explained? Explanations of the HR generalist in charge of recruiting the V.I.E. for the Company.

What is a V.I.E.?
A V.I.E. or Volunteer international experience is a contract lasting 12 to 24 months signed between a young person aged from 18 to 28 and Ubifrance, a French agency for the international development of companies, as part of a mission in one of the international entities of a French company.
Is this commonly practiced at Virbac?
Increasingly. Since 2003, the annual number of V.I.E.s has not ceased to increase reaching a total of five collaborators in 2013, that is 16 V.I.E. contracts in 10 years with an average duration of 17 months. The profiles mainly cover four departments (DAF, DSI, Corporate Sourcing and DOIF) and almost all the Virbac geographical zones, with countries such as Australia, Argentina, ThailandMexico and the United States. The missions are greatly varied: from management control to industrial projects and legal activities. In 2014, we would like to have at least as many V.I.E.
How is the recruitment run?
The selection process is organised around several interviews, involving the operations manager in the subsidiaries, the functional manager in the headquarters and a HR collaborator. A quite particular significance is then assigned to the integration of young candidates who participate in training courses in the headquarters for several weeks: an initial immersion into the company before taking up the appointment! These processes, which include the administrative formalities take about six months.
What is interesting about this type of contract?
For the young collaborator, above all, who is able to benefit from an enriching professional experience, which furthermore is based abroad in an international group. Besides, in addition to the professional skills obtained, he develops adaptation faculties and autonomy within a different cultural environment. So many qualities particularly valued by recruiters.
And for the company?
Firstly, the V.I.E. contract provides an immediate operational support in the subsidiaries in specific fields. It also enables the transfer of skills and good practices between the headquarters and the affilate. Lastly, it is sometimes a good opportunity to consider the definition of permanent position.
So there’s something in it for everyone, then?
Yes, in this respect, the practice is completely in line with our global recruitment policy. Since a few years ago, our intention has been to provide young French people speaking at least one other language fluently and strongly attracted to a mission outside France, with the opportunity to acquire a new experience in a subsidiary. They can then rejoin us permanently and thus enrich our group with multicultural talents promoting the growth of the Group internationally. Besides, since 2011, the actual hiring conversion rate is 100%. explained? Explanations from Magali Alecian, HR generalist in charge of recruiting the V.I.E. for the Company.