2021/06/01 - Career

Whistleblowing system: provision of a new Group platform

format_vignette_corpoRA.jpgThe "virbac.signalement.net" tool made available to all teams worldwide.

At Virbac, we are committed to being a responsible player in the veterinary sector and to doing everything possible to conduct our business in an ethical and exemplary manner in all countries in which we operate. In particular, we have zero tolerance for corruption, influence peddling and money laundering. Preventing these acts requires the involvement of each of us to guarantee the ethical approach in which we wish to develop.

The so-called Sapin 2 law also requires French companies to set up a whistleblowing system for their employees or their external and occasional collaborators, aimed notably at preventing and detecting acts of corruption and influence peddling. This is why, in addition to the hierarchical channel and specific channels for each department, since the end of 2021 we have had a Group platform "virbac.signalement.net" to enable our employees to report in the simplest possible way any conduct or situation that is contrary to our principles, particularly in the area of corruption and influence peddling. Designed and developed by a French company, this platform ensures a completely confidential, secure and anonymous exchange of information if necessary. 

Encouraging our teams to report sensitive situations is essential to continue to progress together towards the most ethical approach possible in our business.