2016/11/23 - Press

Argo Navis becomes Virbac’s new production site in Mexico

ArgoNavis.jpgXavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico since last year, announces the transfer of all production operations to the Argo Navis site in Guadalajara. This relocation marks the completion of the project launched in 2011 to support the strong growth of the Virbac Mexican subsidiary.

On September 30, 2016, the historic Mayas facility, which has handled near all of Virbac’s production in Mexico since 1992, manufactured its last product. All of the subsidiary’s operations will now be handled at a single site”, said Xavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico.

ArgoNavis2.jpgThe goal of this project, referred to as Argo Navis, was to support the Mexican subsidiary’s growth in both the domestic and export markets while increasing its production capacity. The purpose was also to improve the level of operational control and quality, in addition to grouping all research, production, distribution and administrative activities within a single site. The main challenge hinged on gradually transferring technology and skills without disrupting product supply.

Today, Virbac Mexico has a first-rate production platform for injectables and intramammaries. A key part of its business development strategy in this important growth area.

Xavier_Montat.jpgXavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico

Xavier Montat is a graduate of SKEMA. He began his career as a financial auditor at PwC before becoming an internal auditor with OLAER Industries. In May 1994, he joined Virbac as a financial controller with its International Division. Between 1997 and 2000 he served as Virbac Mexico’s chief financial officer and then as a financial controller in Latin America (1998 – 2000). In 2000, he was appointed assistant to the chief financial officer of the Group and was tasked with a mandate to ensure financial monitoring of the company’s external growth plans and financial reporting before taking over responsibility for the company’s treasury and accounting departments in 2006. Between 2010 and 2015, he served as head of financial control and accounting departments.