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Virbac announces executive management changes

2024/07/08 - Press

Virbac-siège.jpgSébastien Huron leaves the company, Habib Ramdani takes over while the Group recruits its next chief executive officer

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Happy New Year 2024!

2024/01/08 - Press

Discover the video of Sébastien Huron's wishes to all Virbac teams worldwide.

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Companion animal vaccines: a state-of-the-art production line installed in France

2023/11/17 - Press

Savannah_Corpo.jpgA new filling line has been installed in Carros, marking the beginning of the transformation of our production system.

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France: Virbac certified as an Authorized Economic Operator

2023/11/10 - Press

OEA-Vignette.jpgAt the end of October, the French Customs Department awarded our Group the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO): a European customs seal of approval, recognized on the international scene.

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Virbac Uruguay celebrates its 10 years and builds a new factory

2023/11/03 - Press

Vignette_corpo_Uruguay (1).jpgOn October 17, Virbac Uruguay celebrated 10 years of commitment to animal health in Montevideo. On this occasion, the foundation stone for our new viral antigen plant was laid in the presence of the President of the Republic of Uruguay. 

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Celebrating 30 years in New Zealand!

2023/07/21 - Press

Vignette_corpo_30ans_NZ.jpgIn June 2023, Virbac New Zealand celebrated 30 years of its commitment to animal health in Aotearoa New Zealand. All employees gathered together to mark this amazing achievement and look back on these past three decades.

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Virbac Japan celebrates 30 years!

2023/07/07 - Press

Vignette_corpo_30ans_VB_Japon.jpgLast May, Virbac Japan employees gathered to celebrate the subsidiary's 30 years of commitment to animal health.

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Cyber attack on several sites

2023/06/27 - Press

Server_300x200.jpgThe Virbac Group was the target of a cyber attack on several of its sites worldwide during the night of June 19-20. 

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Virbac Spain: 40 years of commitment

2023/05/15 - Press

Vignette_Corpo_40ans-VB_ES.jpgFounded in 1983, Virbac Spain, one of the Group's oldest subsidiaries, celebrated 40 years of commitment to animal health on 11 May.

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Central Europe: Virbac acquires its distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

2023/05/02 - Press

Corpo_VB_CZ.jpgOn May 2, we finalized the acquisition of 100% of the shares of our historical distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which becomes the 35th Virbac subsidiary. Welcome!

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Ireland: creation of a new Virbac subsidiary

2023/04/21 - Press

Ireland.jpgOn January 1, 2023, we finalized the creation of Virbac Ireland, our 34th subsidiary!

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New logistics platform in Carros

2023/03/18 - Press

STAR_Corpo.pngA modern warehouse will be built to optimize our logistics efficiency from 2026.

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Happy new year 2023!

2023/01/02 - Press

Discover the video on the 2023 wishes of Sébastien Huron to all the teams in the world.

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Virbac Colombia: 20 years already!

2022/12/22 - Press

Vignette_Corpo_20years_Colombie.jpgIn February 2022, Virbac Colombia celebrated its 20 years of commitment to animal health with all its employees and then, on November 4th, with the partners of its Colombian subsidiary and the Andean region, Sandrine Brunel as representative of the head office, the LatAm committee and the entire management team of Virbac Colombia & Andes.

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Taiwan: opening ceremony of a new R&D center

2022/12/19 - Press

Opening-TW-vignette.jpgOn November 30, Virbac inaugurated its new R&D center in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) in Taiwan which marked an important milestone for Virbac R&D.

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Companion animal vaccines: investment in Carros

2022/11/29 - Press

Vignette_Savannah.jpgTo meet the global needs for pet vaccines, including those of certain countries such as China, a new aseptic filling line dedicated to liquid vaccines and diluents has been installed at VB8, a building dedicated to the manufacture of sterile forms.

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New collaboration with the WSAVA!

2022/10/20 - Press

Corpo_visuel_Wsava.jpgSince this month of October, we are an official sponsor of the World Small Animal Veterinary’s Reproduction Control Committee. Our common goal? To promote, on a worldwide level, the best veterinary practices in this key field for the health of cats and dogs. 

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Virbac to set up a new site in Nîmes to house its petfood production

2022/10/12 - Press

Marvel.gifTo meet the growing demand for our petfood range, we will build a new production site in Nîmes (Gard, France). This evolving site will integrate all the steps from raw materials to the finished product.

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WBC Congress: Virbac's scientific expertise in the service of bovine health

2022/09/08 - Press

Vignette_site_corporate_WBC.jpgIn September 2022, our teams have answered to advance preventive medicine at the largest world congress of buiatrics.

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Bacteriological active ingredients: a production unit transferred to Carros

2022/06/14 - Press

Vignette_lepto.jpgOur leptospirosis vaccine production capacity will be quadrupled in 2023 thanks to the technological transfer to a high-tech unit!

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Odyssey program: towards the industry of tomorrow

2022/06/13 - Press

Vignette_site_corporate_Odyssey.jpgDeployment of the industrial operations transformation program on June 6, 2022 in North America.

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Providing our support to the Ukrainian people

2022/03/14 - Press

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our teams have implemented various initiatives to help those facing these tragic circumstances.

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Growth companies summit: Virbac awarded a gold trophy!

2022/02/24 - Press

SEC_Corpo_Vignette.jpgThis new award honors our sustainable development approach.

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Gaïa Index 2021 : Virbac on the rise!

2022/02/03 - Press

Gaia-index-vignette-site-corpo.jpgDetails of the results of the new CSR ranking.

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Animal health: to meet the growing needs of vaccine prevention, Virbac transforms its Carros site

2022/01/11 - Press

visu_vignette_corpo_bio5.jpgConstruction of a global center of excellence for biological products has begun in Carros.

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Happy new year 2022!

2022/01/04 - Press

Discover the video on the 2022 wishes of Sébastien Huron, chief executive officer.

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Eco-conception: reduce packaging and wrapping

2021/12/13 - Press

Eco-claims_vignetteCorpo.jpgWe are implementing an eco-responsible approach to supplies and flows.

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2021: take a video tour of the year!

2021/12/09 - Press

Advancing animal health. This is what mobilized our teams on a daily basis throughout 2021. Discover the panorama of the year in a 1 minute video!

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Safety at work: everyone concerned!

2021/11/23 - Press

Video retrospective of the first Virbac days dedicated to safety in France.

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Nutrition: eco-responsible packaging

2021/08/30 - Press

visuel_vignette_corpo_petfood.jpgInstallation of two new packaging lines for our petfood.

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Virbac is a winner of the "France recovery industry” plan

2021/07/29 - Press

vignette-site-corpo-VP.pngJuly 26, visit to Carros of the prefect for the nice region and the Public accounts deputy minister.

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Sustainable development: strengthened commitments!

2021/07/15 - Press

VIGNETTE-développement durable (1).jpgNew CSR indicators and GRI compliance for 10 years 

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Virbac ready to sell the industrial site of Magny-en-Vexin (Paris) to the company Friulchem

2021/05/25 - Press

Magny_2021.jpgAs part of its 2030 vision, Virbac sells the ownership and activity of the Magny-en-Vexin industrial site to Friulchem, a CMO (Contract manufacturing organization) partner of Virbac for more than twenty years and specialized among others in the production of antibiotics. Following the sharp decline in demand in recent years for the type of products manufactured in Magny-en-Vexin, this option will preserve employment, the competitiveness of the site and products.

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Osteoarthritis in dogs: a new breakthrough in the treatment of pain

2021/05/12 - Press

Vignette-site-corpo-Daxocox.jpgAgreement signed for the distribution in Europe of a new weekly anti-inflammatory drug.

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Companion animals: Virbac takes over assets from Elanco

2021/03/01 - Press

Information following the approval of the European competition authoritiesvirbac-08-03-2018_300X200.jpg

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Algenex and Virbac sign international commercial licensing agreement for CrisBio®-based vaccine in major swine indication

2021/02/24 - Press

Vignette-Site-corpo-CP-Algenex.jpgFind out the press release issued on February 23rd.

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Virbac opens its first research and development center dedicated to warm water aquaculture

2021/02/23 - Press

VATC_vignette_site-corpo.jpgToday, we are inaugurating our first research and development center dedicated to warm water aquaculture in the Dong Nai province in Vietnam. Aquaculture is a rapidly growing sector, particularly in Asia, and provides an answer to the problems of feeding a world population that could reach 9 billion people in 2030. True to our mission to work for animal health, we continue to invest in order to offer new solutions for more sustainable aquaculture.

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Gaia Index: Virbac progresses in the ranking!

2021/02/12 - Press

Gaia-index-vignette-site-corpo.jpgWe are improving our presence in the ranking of the 70 French companies with the best ratings in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

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Virbac and Symbiocelltech sign exclusive option agreement to develop novel technology for treatment of type 1 diabetes in companion animals.

2021/01/13 - Press

CP_Diabte_Vignette-Site-corpo.jpgDiscover the press release issued on january 12th

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Happy season’s greetings!

2020/12/18 - Press

Discover the video of Sébastien Huron, chief executive officer of the Virbac group, for the end of the year 2020.

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2020: discover 2020 overview!

2020/12/11 - Press

Ensuring the safety of our employees and maintaining our business essential to the animals' health. These are the two major challenges met in 2020 facing an unprecedented health crisis. We would like to share with you the panorama of this exceptional year on video.

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Virbac partners with Ictyogroup to bring new aquaculture solutions

2020/09/17 - Press

Ictyogroup_site_corporate_300x200.jpgFull details of this new partnership can be found in the joint press release issued on September 15.  

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Virbac Oncology Summit: veterinarians mobilize around the treatment of canine skin tumors

2020/05/13 - Press

VOS-vignette-300x200.jpgOn April 24, more than 350 veterinarians and experts attended our first scientific summit dedicated to veterinary oncology. Thanks to this exclusive online event, European and North American practitioners have been able to discover the latest scientific data and a new treatment option of canine mast cell tumors.

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Carros: one of our worldwide production site of dog and cat vaccines will be stopped for at least 6 weeks

2020/05/04 - Press

BIO.jpgSince April 11, 2020, following an underground pipeline rupture, our Bio4 dog and cat vaccine production site has been shut down. We expect to resume operations in June, after a refurbishment allowing the resumption of manufacturing under GMP (Good manufacturing practice) rules.

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Covid-19: Virbac teams mobilized

2020/03/27 - Press

Covid19-vignette.jpgSince the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, numerous measures have been taken around the world to protect the health and safety of our employees and ensure the continuity of our commitment to animal health.

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Imago: a promising first assessment

2020/03/19 - Press

Today, more than ever, we are striving to make our animal health solutions even more accessible to veterinarians, farmers and animal owners around the world. This is why in 2019, we launched a pilot program in France to transform our industrial activities. A great adventure for our teams, who are mobilising all their know-how to continue to develop the Virbac production sites in terms of performance, safety and quality. Watch the 2019 achievements in video.

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Pebble Labs and Virbac announce the signing of a comprehensive commercial agreement for aquaculture disease prevention

2020/03/11 - Press

Pebble Labs vignette.jpgFind out the press release dated March 9.

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Asia: better meeting tomorrow's food needs

2020/01/30 - Press

Vignette-300x200.jpgEnd of November, the Virbac teams shared for one day the groundbreaking ceremony of a new research & development center in Taiwan. This site will be dedicated to the support of aquaculture and swine farming activities in Asia.

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Happy new year!

2020/01/06 - Press

Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group, wishes a happy new year for 2020 through a video.

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Mexico: Virbac supports young French companies

2019/12/05 - Press

Vignette-Partenariat-Mexique-300x200.jpgAs part of the French Fab mission lead by the French public investment bank (Bpifrance), Virbac sponsors a support mission in 2019 for young French companies wishing to establish themselves in Mexico.

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Jean-Pierre Dick steps down from the executive board of the Virbac group

2019/11/05 - Press

Virbac has accepted Jean-Pierre Dick’s resignation from the executive board, effective November 14, 2019.

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Virbac Mexico celebrates 30 years

2019/10/11 - Press

30Vignette.jpgThis year marks the 30th year of Virbac’s iconic Latin American subsidiary, and they wished to celebrate the past thirty years of innovation and dedication to animal health along with their employees and customers on October 5, 2019. With a unique vision aligned to the Virbac Group’s values, the company has always taken its environmental impact and its social responsibility towards employees to heart.

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Sustainable development: an ever-greater commitment

2019/06/06 - Press

DPEF Vignette 300x200.jpgAs part of its 2018 annual report, Virbac published its first non-financial performance statement in April. This document marks a new stage for the Group, who is reinforcing its commitments to sustainable development.

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Vietnam: a sustainable collaboration with farmers

2019/05/21 - Press

Husbandry Club Vignette 300 x 200.jpgEnd of 2018, the Virbac Husbandry Club in Vietnam, which helps pig and poultry farmers tackle local animal health issues, celebrated 10 years of activity. This 10th anniversary is a testament to the Group’s drive to carry out sustainable actions that promote improvement in farming conditions.

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Innovation: the Smart Cap “all in one” is rewarded again!

2019/03/20 - Press

Each year, the ADF Paris awards honor the packaging innovations of the global aerosol and dispensing industries. Last January, the Virbac Smart Cap "all-in-one", already awarded in 2018 by Pharmapack, received the prize for the best innovation in the "Pharmacy" category.

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Happy new year!

2019/01/10 - Press

Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group, wishes all the best for 2019 through a video.

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Virbac websites: make the access to information easier

2018/12/21 - Press

vignette.jpgIn 2018, several Virbac websites were revamped: new contents, new design, new functionalities… all these changes aim at creating a better user experience.

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Gaïa Index: Virbac ranked again in 2018!

2018/11/13 - Press

Virbac_Certificat_GaïaRating_2018_CA_Sup500.jpg (Présentation PowerPoint)In 2018, Virbac is part of the Gaïa Index, which recommends the 70 French companies with the best ratings in terms of social and environmental responsibility among a panel of 230 firms. Virbac has made a significant improvement of 14 places in the overall ranking compared to 2017.

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Turkey: Virbac closer to the field

2018/10/23 - Press

Turquie_Vache.jpgAfter a twenty-year presence in Turkey through a local distributor, Virbac is creating its 33rd subsidiary there. The objective: closer proximity in order to better respond to the expectations of animal health players.

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Virbac wins the Pharmapack Award with its “all-in-one” Smart Cap

2018/06/12 - Press

Pharmapack_599X400.jpgAfter five years of research and development, Virbac teams have developed Smart Cap, dedicated to extracting liquid products. This patented innovation benefitting animal health, which combines ergonomics and safety, was recognized in early 2018 with a Pharmapack Award.

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Happy new year!

2018/01/08 - Press

For 2018, find out the video wishes from Sébastien Huron, new chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group.

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China: Virbac acclaimed by the largest pet owners community

2017/12/05 - Press

Goumin-_affiche_Chine.jpgIn August 2017, Virbac was awarded pet owner favorite brand for cat health care by, the largest online Chinese pet owner community. 

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Virbac signs a research agreement with Bio-Gene

2017/06/16 - Press

Bovin_photo.jpgBio-Gene announces collaboration agreement with Virbac for development of FLAVOCIDE™ as an insect control agent in ruminants. 

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Virbac United States selects KC Animal Health Corridor for North American distribution center

2017/05/04 - Press

The Virbac American subsidiary decided to gather its distribution operations in Hunt Midwest SubTropolis (Missouri). The new center should be operational until the end of the year.

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Supporting innovation through public research

2017/03/31 - Press

Public_research.jpgPublic-private transfer (TPP). Behind this acronym lies the possibility for French companies to develop partnerships with French and European public research organizations. This opportunity for innovation was seized on by Virbac in 2009 and presented by the public research partnerships manager. 

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e-visit: always closer to veterinarians

2017/02/27 - Press

Ee-visite.jpgIn September 2016, on the initiative of the IT department, e-visits first appeared amongst the sales force in France. The purpose: allow greater reactivity from regional technical managers to questions from veterinarians. Explanations on this European-scale project by the market manager for Virbac France.

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Argo Navis: now 100% operational

2017/02/14 - Press

ArgoNavis_Ext.jpgAt the end of September, 2016, all activity at the Mayas factory in Mexico was transferred to the new industrial site of Argo Navis. A look back on this major project and the challenges it presented with the Virbac Mexico Industrial director.

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Argo Navis becomes Virbac’s new production site in Mexico

2016/11/23 - Press

ArgoNavis.jpgXavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico since last year, announces the transfer of all production operations to the Argo Navis site in Guadalajara. This relocation marks the completion of the project launched in 2011 to support the strong growth of the Virbac Mexican subsidiary.

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"Factories and Men" Exhibition: Virbac at the forefront!

2016/10/08 - Press

Affiche Virbac JCDecaux_134.jpg14 September 2015, Paris. The "Factories and Men" operation is being organised by 'Mouvement des entreprises de taille intermédiaire' (METI), an organisation which represents intermediate-sized businesses in France. The project began with a preview at the Petit Palais, and METI has organised a series of events which will take place until the end of 2015 with the aim of spotlighting the best of French industry. Thirty five businesses, including Virbac, are taking part. 

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Sustainable development: a new step

2016/07/28 - Press

Dev-Mag.pngIn its 2015 report, Virbac adopted the most recent version of the GRI standard for sustainable development. The reasons behind this change and the related benefits explained by Éric Marée, chairman of the executive board.

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USA: Virbac creates 144 jobs in Bridgeton, Missouri

2016/04/13 - Press

Virbac is investing $37.9 millions in its production site in Bridgeton, Missouri.

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Instrucciones: a new high quality facility

2016/03/17 - Press

Instrucciones Bat.jpg (TRIPTICO PLANTA Instrucciones web)A 3,600 m² space dedicated to production! At the end of September the new Instrucciones site was opened in Uruguay, with a special emphasis on quality. An introduction to this leading edge facility by the subsidiary’s general manager.

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New tagline: Virbac shows its ambition!

2016/03/12 - Press

web_sign.jpgShaping the future of animal health”. This is now Virbac's new tagline, replacing “Passionate about animal health”, launched in 2001.
What message does this new slogan convey? Answers from Sandrine Brunel, head of Corporate Communications.

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VDS: Virbac's commitment to the dairy sector

2016/02/20 - Press

VDSAt the beginning of October the GMBO (Global Marketing) organized the first Virbac Dairy Symposium in France, attended by experts from the dairy sector and Virbac staff from all over the world. Fabrice Payot, Global Marketing manager on the dairy cattle segment, explains the objectives of this major event. 

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St. Louis: to better serve product innovation

2015/01/09 - Press

st-louis.jpgVirbac United States inaugurates the April 20th, 2014 a new building for its R&D activities. With which objectives? The answers from R&D vice-president of the American subsidiary.

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