2021/12/13 - Press

Eco-conception: reduce packaging and wrapping

Eco-claims_vignetteCorpo.jpgWe are implementing an eco-responsible approach to supplies and flows.

Aware of the ecological stakes, we are working with our strategic suppliers to reduce packaging: 
- by managing supplies as closely as possible to limit storage and internal travel;
- by optimizing flows and the timing of shipments; 
- by minimizing waste at all stages of the industrial process.

For products without marketing authorization for pets, we integrate the principles of eco-design as early as possible in the creation process. 

This eco-responsible approach has enabled us in 2021 to reduce the packaging of our dog and cat food by 20% for small packages (3 kg and less), to stop marketing our single chewable strips in France - the time to work on a version with recyclable packaging - and to use recycled materials for 100% of the over-wrapping cardboard used on the main production sites in France.