2016/10/08 - Press

"Factories and Men" Exhibition: Virbac at the forefront!

Affiche Virbac JCDecaux_134.jpg14 September 2015, Paris. The "Factories and Men" operation is being organised by 'Mouvement des entreprises de taille intermédiaire' (METI), an organisation which represents intermediate-sized businesses in France. The project began with a preview at the Petit Palais, and METI has organised a series of events which will take place until the end of 2015 with the aim of spotlighting the best of French industry. Thirty five businesses, including Virbac, are taking part. 

A communications project initiated by METI and entitled "Factories and Men" is being undertaken between September and December 2015 in France. The aim is to represent and improve our understanding of intermediate-sized businesses in France.

Tribute to French Industry
On the programme for this project are a photographic exhibition, presentations and displays, both in Paris and throughout France. Working in partnership with La Banque Palatine, Usine Nouvelle and JCDecaux, METI's aim is to highlight the capacity for innovation and the talent that exist within French industry in the 21st century, in particular by emphasising its human dimensions and its modernity.

Virbac in attendance
In total there are thirty-five French industrial groups taking part in this project, including Virbac, De Dietrich, Yves Rocher and Paprec, Jean-Pierre Dick's historic sailing sponsor. All the participants are recognised as being major players in their markets. 

As part of the photographic exhibition, artist Thierry Bouët has worked on representing each business through three visual works: an overall view of a production facility, one characteristic component of a manufacturing process and finally men and women in their working environment. His aim is to ensure that the activities represented are as natural as possible.

For Virbac, the automatic packaging unit for dog and cat vaccines was chosen for the overall view, the sterile form flow-transfer panel connecting manufacturing and cleaning processes provides the detailed view, and the single-use bioreactor represents production of active biological agents. Just like for the other organisations, this last "usine et homme" (‘Of Factory and Man') visual will be used on JCDecaux displays.