2021/02/12 - Press

Gaia Index: Virbac progresses in the ranking!

Gaia-index-vignette-site-corpo.jpgWe are improving our presence in the ranking of the 70 French companies with the best ratings in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Each year, the Gaïa Index lists the 70 best performing French companies on the basis of around 100 criteria related to governance, social and environmental policies, and customer/supplier relations. These companies are selected from among 230 listed companies according to their economic performance (14 criteria).

At the beginning of 2021, the Gaia ranking was released based on data for the year 2019. Not only do we remain in the top 70 companies but we gain 5 places in the ranking (59th versus 64th in 2020)! This increase reflects the efforts we have made, particularly in the areas of governance and the environment (business ethics, CSR policy, extra-financial issues and implementation of the EPBD). 

Since our creation, we have chosen to take a long-term approach to our development. This is why, each year, we communicate our economic, social and environmental commitments in a dedicated report (extra-financial performance statement). Since 2011, this report has been GRI-certified, the international standard for sustainable development reporting (Global reporting initiative).

Find all our commitments here: https://corporate.virbac.com/home/committed-to-the-future.html