2016/03/12 - Press

New tagline: Virbac shows its ambition!

web_sign.jpgShaping the future of animal health”. This is now Virbac's new tagline, replacing “Passionate about animal health”, launched in 2001.
What message does this new slogan convey? Answers from Sandrine Brunel, head of Corporate Communications.

Why change the tagline now?

On average a company changes its brand codes, including its baseline and logo, every ten years or so. So although “Passionate about animal health” was relevant in 2001, it has now become necessary to change it.

So are we no longer guided by passion?

Yes, of course; that has been the case ever since the company was established and will remain so for a long time yet. Nevertheless, in the space of nearly fifteen years Virbac has changed. With thirty subsidiaries outside France and with a continually growing staff and sales, Virbac is the world's 7th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company; it has become a leading player in the field of animal health. The new tagline “Shaping the future of animal health” is therefore a better reflection of the current reality of the company, as well as of its ambitions for the future.

What are these?

We want to make a clear statement that like other competitors we can contribute to shape the future of animal health. The evidence for this lies not only in the innovative products that Virbac has been marketing for 40 years, the industrial investments that, for example, make VB8 a site at the cutting edge of technology, our presence in the market segments of the future such as aquaculture, but also in our level of commitment to all stakeholders: distributors, journalists, opinion leaders, financial community, staff, applicants and, of course, first of all, customers to which we daily demonstrate our desire to serve them always better.

Any other objectives?

Yes. In terms of recruitment, in a context of “talent war” on specific positions, the new tagline must help attract the best candidates and consider Virbac as a potential employer for those who do usually consider only the most important companies. Moreover, in an ever-changing competitive environment, the slogan “Shaping the future of animal health” is a point of differentiation, and is therefore a powerful lever for making Virbac better known throughout the world. Finally, the new Virbac tagline also expresses the Virbac’s desire to show that we are taking new issues in our society into consideration.