2022/06/13 - Press

Odyssey program: towards the industry of tomorrow

Vignette_site_corporate_Odyssey.jpgDeployment of the industrial operations transformation program on June 6, 2022 in North America.

Today, more than ever, we are committed to bringing our health solutions to veterinarians, breeders and owners around the world. This is our mission to continue to feed the planet, ensure animal well-being and protect life. 

In a context of strong industrial competition, increased regulatory changes, evolving distribution channels and sales practices, maintaining our production system at a high level of performance is therefore crucial, both for the future of our company and to meet the multitude of needs in animal health.

In order to standardize and harmonize our information systems and thus strengthen the quality and accessibility of our products, the headquarters and American project teams have been working closely since 2021 to enable the deployment, in North America in the first instance, of a transformation program for industrial operations, called Odyssey, based on interconnectable business platforms. 

After extensive preparatory work in 2021, pharmaceutical qualification tests were carried out to ensure that the first two solutions met FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. The program became an operational reality on June 6 in the United States and Canada, where the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and the collaborative purchasing application (ePIMS) are now operational. User training and final testing have also been completed, enabling the optimization of nearly 350 industrial, financial and sourcing processes.

These two solutions, as well as two additional expert solutions to cover manufacturing processes (MES) and quality control with a laboratory information management system (LIMS), will be deployed in France from June 2023. Nearly 800 employees will benefit from these improvements in various areas such as quality control, production, quality assurance, supply chain, purchasing, industrial management control and finance mainly.

In parallel with the implementation of these platforms, our working methods will evolve in order to create transversal and standardized processes throughout the Group. This major change will enable us to optimize our decision-making and anticipate future changes at a global level.