2021/05/12 - Press

Osteoarthritis in dogs: a new breakthrough in the treatment of pain

Vignette-site-corpo-Daxocox.jpgAgreement signed for the distribution in Europe of a new weekly anti-inflammatory drug.

A heavy handicap for the animal. Osteoarthritis is a chronic and degenerative disease that manifests itself by persistent pain in the joints caused by abnormal wear and tear of the cartilage and the entire joint. This disease affects all breeds of dogs and can sometimes lead to other more serious pathologies such as hip dysplasia. 

Last April, we signed a partnership agreement with Animalcare, an international veterinary pharmaceutical group, for the distribution of an anti-inflammatory for dogs, Daxocox. Unlike current products that require daily administration, this enflicoxib-based treatment is administered in the form of a flavored oral tablet that is taken only once a week: an innovative dosage that promotes compliance with the treatment while providing relief for the animal for seven days. 

In February 2021, this drug was granted marketing authorization in the European Union and the United Kingdom. We will market this product in all countries where it is not directly distributed by AnimalCare (France, Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, Baltic countries and Austria) from September 2021. 

With this new weekly anti-inflammatory, we are providing veterinarians in these countries with a new, effective and convenient treatment option to preserve the quality of life of dogs, especially older dogs.