2022/03/14 - Press

Providing our support to the Ukrainian people

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our teams have implemented various initiatives to help those facing these tragic circumstances.

As everywhere in the world, we are deeply affected by the war in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all those whose lives have been disrupted and who are currently suffering from this dramatic situation. In recent weeks, our teams have been mobilized, particularly in the various European subsidiaries, to bring their help to the Ukrainian people: donations of petfood and animal health products, fundraising, donations of hygiene products and clothing, welcoming refugees on a personal basis...

Regarding our animal health activity in Ukraine, we do not have Virbac teams on site. Our products are made available to veterinarians and pet owners through our exclusive distributor. In the context of the war, this distributor cannot receive any more products. As a consequence, our teams in Europe are studying all possibilities to send priority animal health products to Ukraine (first necessity and emergencies, e.g. petfood, anaesthetics) via associative or humanitarian channels able to ensure this logistic and sanitary organization to the end of the chain. At this stage, the Ukrainian Veterinary Institute is working on a structured aid project, in which we hope to participate as soon as it is operational. Our contribution also concerns the animals of Ukrainian refugees in Europe, in particular for zoonosis screening, vaccination and electronic identification which may be mandatory in the host countries.

We also do not have Virbac sales teams in Russia. Delivery of our products to our distributors in this country is currently suspended. However, some essential animal health products could be shipped there to avoid penalizing animal health.

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that this conflict will be resolved as soon as possible.