2021/11/23 - Press

Safety at work: everyone concerned!

Video retrospective of the first Virbac days dedicated to safety in France.

At Virbac, caring for others is at the heart of our corporate culture. The safety of our employees is therefore an absolute priority and a commitment at all times. 

For several years, a large number of actions have been carried out in this area at all our sites in France, with a specific focus on awareness and prevention, particularly in the industrial and R&D entities where safety risks are higher. We have thus achieved a gradual improvement in our results in France, with the number of accidents divided by five between 2010 and 2018, and the level of difficulty at work by three between 2015 and 2020.

In 2021, we want to take this safety approach even further by continuing our collective efforts. This is why, at the end of October, we organized Virbac safety days for the first time at all our sites in France. On the programme: four workshops (escape game, treasure hunt, prevention wall, quiz) to implement the golden rules of safety at Virbac in a fun way. 

Thank you to all our teams for their participation!

Jérôme Patte, HSE Corporate director: "More than 800 employees at our various sites took part in these workshops. This high level of participation shows the importance we attach to safety at work at Virbac and our desire to constantly progress together in this area!"