2019/06/06 - Press

Sustainable development: an ever-greater commitment

DPEF Vignette 300x200.jpgAs part of its 2018 annual report, Virbac published its first non-financial performance statement in April. This document marks a new stage for the Group, who is reinforcing its commitments to sustainable development.

Maintaining its growth over time is a natural step for Virbac. Since 2008, the Group has published a sustainable development report every year, which lists its actions and areas of progress in the fields of environment, society, and economy. In 2011, Virbac adopted the global reporting initiative guidelines, an international standard for responsible communication, and has since then been in compliance with its various changes (G3, G4, Standards) for greater transparency. 

Last April, Virbac reached a new level with the publication of its first non-financial performance statement. This included the formalization of its business model, update and in-depth materiality analysis, identification of challenges and associated risks, definition of priority objectives and tracking and measurement indicators, etc. All of these new elements have helped clarify the Virbac Group’s commitments to sustainable development. 

Innovating responsibly
Couverture-DPEF-Corps-du-texte 300 EN .jpgIn a context of a high variability of pathologies, user expectations and regulations depending on the countries and times, innovating for the benefit of animal health and respect for animal welfare is a major issue, now more than ever. To make this a reality, Virbac is working on two priority areas: animal studies (compliance with an ethical charter based on the international principles of the 3Rs, systematization of ethics committees for the prior evaluation of every study, priority use of alternative methods, post-study animal adoption program) and the reduction of antibiotic use through the development of prevention methods (especially through vaccination).

Strengthening employee engagement
At Virbac, the organizational model relies above all on the people who are at the heart of the company and behind its major decisions. Objective: to preserve this pillar of corporate culture while adapting operational modes to globalization, market evolution and the changes that are introduced by new technologies. To do this, Virbac is focusing its efforts on well-being at work and on recognition, safety (flawless working conditions) and social dialogue, rewarding performance and individual skill development, internal professional and geographical mobility, and fostering an environment that’s conducive to diversity and equal treatment among employees.

Ensuring the quality of products and services
Virbac’s mission to create, manufacture, and sell veterinary medicines puts the company at the heart of the food chain and the ecosystem, whereby the health of all living beings on Earth is understood to be intrinsically linked. To control its potential impact on this environment, Virbac meets the highest applicable quality-safety-effectiveness standards through an organization dedicated to controlling the level of regulatory compliance (at all stages of the product life cycle) at both Group and partner sites.

Protecting the environment
Improving the quality of life of animals by reducing the environmental imprint of all of its activities: this is Virbac’s goal. The Group is committed to preserving the planet’s resources by optimizing consumption in its manufacturing processes (energy, materials) and reducing common and industrial waste as well as emissions (greenhouse gases) that stem from its activities. 

Virbac has always been aware of the major role that it plays in animal health and more widely in life protection. This is the meaning behind these commitments that it shares today with its stakeholders, who are themselves increasingly sensitive to responsible corporate choices for a sustainable future.

Find more information on the non-financial performance statement (document allowing companies with more than 500 employees and 100 million euros in revenue to comply with the European directive on extra-financial reporting) in the section Committed to the future > Our commitments