2021/07/15 - Press

Sustainable development: strengthened commitments!

VIGNETTE-développement durable (1).jpgNew CSR indicators and GRI compliance for 10 years 

2021 marks a new milestone for Virbac CSR: beyond achieving GRI compliance for our sustainability report for the 10th consecutive year, we have strengthened our commitments through the addition of new initiatives and performance indicators.

- Ensuring the quality of products and services: monitoring of indicators on the number of batch recalls (< 1 per 1,000 batches marketed) and technical customer complaints (ratio of less than 5 per million units marketed)
- Innovating responsibly: for the development of new products, all Virbac's R&D sites worldwide in charge of analyses now use more efficient chromatography and extraction technologies that respect the environment
- Strengthening employee engagement: creation of a charter of good management practices, review of management processes (through the new human resources information system), development of good practices for feedback from employees to managers, HR offices at the various sites, development of meetings inter-departments
- Protecting the environment: wherever possible (non pharma-regulatory products for companion animals), we integrate eco-design principles for secondary or tertiary packaging, right from the research and development stage, in order to reduce packaging, use vegetable-based ink and increase the proportion of recycled materials.

Thank you to all our teams who are mobilized on a daily basis to enable us to go even further in our sustainable development approach! 


  • 2008: 1st sustainable development report
  • 2011: adoption of the Global reporting initiative (GRI), the international standard for sustainable development reporting, to enable comparability of our data
  • 2019: publication of our first Statement on non-extra financial performance, which is mandatory for all European companies with more than 500 employees and €100 million in revenue
  • 2020: merging the GRI report and the Statement on non-extra financial performance for greater simplicity and transparency, while obtaining GRI compliance for our new 2-in-1 report