2019/10/11 - Press

Virbac Mexico celebrates 30 years

30Vignette.jpgThis year marks the 30th year of Virbac’s iconic Latin American subsidiary, and they wished to celebrate the past thirty years of innovation and dedication to animal health along with their employees and customers on October 5, 2019. With a unique vision aligned to the Virbac Group’s values, the company has always taken its environmental impact and its social responsibility towards employees to heart.

Virbac Mexico, a true reflection of the Virbac Group’s culture and values

As a leader in animal health and the Group’s main site in Latin America, Virbac Mexico proudly champions Virbac and its values on this continent. Entrepreneurship – based on initiative, courage and sharing – has always been at the core of the subsidiary’s approach. Virbac encourages collective action and teamwork, which drive a desire to excel while providing its employees opportunities to thrive at work in an environment focused first and foremost on their well-being. 
For example, the subsidiary has been offering balanced menus at its cafeteria since 2017, and it was certified in March of 2018 by the State of Jalisco as one of the 38 best Mexican companies in the province for the attention paid to the nutritional well-being of its employees. 
For Virbac, employee development and fulfillment includes a good working environment. Construction of the Group’s most modern production facility provides Virbac Mexico employees with optimal working conditions. 

Furthermore, with a strong commitment to sustainable development, the production facility, which opened in 2014, was designed using an eco-responsible approach – taking into account energy consumption and indoor environment quality through the use of natural light and by establishing a rainwater harvesting system. As a result of these measures, the site was awarded LEED1 (Leadership in energy & environment design) certification, provided by the Green Building Council – making it the 3rd industrial company to obtain this certification in the state of Jalisco.
Given the special emphasis it devotes to its employees, the Mexican subsidiary received an overall positive perception of above 80% in the Great Place to Work survey, conducted in 2018 at all Virbac entities. This survey helps companies to discover how employees within their organization feel with regard to topics such as trust between managers and employees, well-being in the workplace, and pride in working for the company.

“We believe that improved results can only come from enthusiastic employees” says Jorge Fernandez, head of Human Resources at Virbac Mexico. 

Commercial performance can only be sustained through an approach that combines respect for people, the environment and economic growth. Virbac and its Mexican subsidiary have always been committed to finding the best balance between these three dimensions.

Virbac Mexico, a model subsidiary when it comes to innovation

Setting the benchmark for employee well-being, Virbac Mexico is also Virbac’s largest facility in Latin America and its largest subsidiary in terms of profits and sales. Thus, thanks to its good performance, the company has grown continuously since its establishment in 1989, with particular focus on investing in research and development – a key growth factor for Virbac and an integral part of its DNA.
Inaugurated in 1999, the first R&D center in Latin America has allowed the Mexican subsidiary to create 20 new products over the past 15 years. 
Furthermore, with the 2014 opening of its new site, housing the R&D center and the production plant, Virbac Mexico reaffirms its desire to establish itself as an innovative company, able to respond to the country’s animal health challenges. 

“We inherited a solid foundation from our parent company, which we developed to become Virbac’s number-one subsidiary in Latin America – all while maintaining our goal of benefiting our customers and allowing our employees to thrive.” said Xavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico. 

By placing human beings at the center of its success and having a strong innovation policy, Virbac Mexico is a real model of a forward-looking company.
“In 30 years, Virbac's progress in Mexico has been incredible! The subsidiary has become one of the main players in animal health. All these achievements are the result of a family spirit that remains key to Virbac Mexico’s performance, instilled by the employees who dedicate all their skills and energy at the service of animal health and well-being.” adds Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group. 

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Established in 1989 with Virbac’s acquisition of the Dayton pharmaceutical company, the Virbac Mexico subsidiary was personally inaugurated by Virbac’s founder, Pierre-Richard Dick, in 1991. That same year, the pharmaceutical group repurchased the Provena and Devisa pharmaceutical companies, relocated its headquarters to Guadalajara, and developed its distribution network in the country. Despite a difficult start due to the Mexican financial crisis, the Group has been achieving positive financial results since 1995, making it the Group’s most profitable subsidiary in Latin America. In 1999, Virbac’s Mexican subsidiary opened the first research and development center in Latin America. Starting in 2005, Virbac’s good performance and growth in Mexico forced the company to grow – it expanded its distribution network and built new offices and a warehouse. The 2014 inauguration of the production facilities combined all of the company’s functions in Mexico: factory, warehouse and offices.

1- Certification system for sustainable buildings developed by the Green Building Council in the United States