2020/09/17 - Press

Virbac partners with Ictyogroup to bring new aquaculture solutions

Ictyogroup_site_corporate_300x200.jpgFull details of this new partnership can be found in the joint press release issued on September 15.  

Press release issued on September 15

Virbac announce today the acquisition of a range of tilapia vaccines from Ictyogroup, an animal health company specialised in R&D biology. The Virbac Group will thus distribute and market registered and autogenous vaccines worldwide.  

In addition to the acquisition, the two companies have signed a partnership agreement for the development by Ictyogroup of new vaccines and new formulations, again for tilapia, for the Aqua Virbac division and more generally for players in the aquaculture market. The agreement also provides for the transfer from Ictyogroup to Virbac of several employees specialised in technical-marketing support and R&D biology. 

Cédric Komar, President of Ictyopharma: "This partnership with Virbac in the tilapia vaccine segment will clearly benefit the industry. It combines Ictyogroup's excellence in biological R&D with Virbac's worldwide expertise and commitment to its customers. This agreement will make available the most complete and innovative range of tilapia vaccines in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Pierre Henning, Director of the Aqua Virbac division: "This agreement brings together the best of our two companies, both of which are committed to developing effective solutions to meet the growing demand for aquaculture production. The tilapia sector is the fastest growing segment of aquaculture and will be one of the solutions to meet the growing feed requirements in the medium and long term. Through the acquisition of this portfolio and a long-term partnership, Virbac, already recognised as a major player in the salmon and shrimp segment, will expand and complement its aquaculture activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.