2017/06/16 - Press

Virbac signs a research agreement with Bio-Gene

Bovin_photo.jpgBio-Gene announces collaboration agreement with Virbac for development of FLAVOCIDE™ as an insect control agent in ruminants. 

MELBOURNE, Australia – June 16 2017 – Insecticide developer Bio-Gene Technology Limited today announced the signing of a research collaboration agreement with Virbac, one of the largest animal health dedicated companies in the world. Under the terms of the agreement, Virbac and Bio-Gene will evaluate FLAVOCIDE™ as a new agent for insect control (including tick, flies and lice) in ruminant animals.

FLAVOCIDE™ (flavesone) is a novel chemically synthesized molecule which has been shown by Bio-Gene to have significant activity against a range of insects. Virbac is an established leader in the ruminant animal health space with expertise in navigating the differentiated regulatory and commercial environments throughout the world.

"This collaboration provides a significant opportunity for large scale development and future marketing of FLAVOCIDE™ internationally by accessing Virbac’s proven expertise and networks,” commented Robert Klupacs, chief executive officer of Bio-Gene.

Under the collaboration Virbac will be responsible for undertaking necessary registration enabling studies and international product registration activities.

About Bio-Gene Technology Limited (http://www.bio-gene.com.au)
Bio-Gene is an Australian public non listed biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia. It is developing a patent protected product platform as a new class of insecticides based on the β-triketone chemical class. The insecticidal properties  of this chemical class was first discovered following a botanical screening program looking to identify natural product based insecticides in Australian flora. Bio-Gene’s lead molecule FLAVOCIDE™ is chemically synthesised nature identical flavesone.