2022/10/12 - Press

Virbac to set up a new site in Nîmes to house its petfood production

Marvel.gifTo meet the growing demand for our petfood range, we will build a new production site in Nîmes (Gard, France). This evolving site will integrate all the steps from raw materials to the finished product.

For several years, the petfood activity within Virbac has been growing steadily. At this stage, this activity is organized around the Veterinary HPM range, for which certain production stages are subcontracted to three French suppliers. Marketed by the Group's subsidiaries as well as by our distributors in Europe, Latin America, Japan and the United States, the Veterinary HPM range is today almost exclusively coated and bagged at the Virbac Nutrition site in Vauvert (Gard, France).

"In order to manage the increasing volumes of petfood to be produced, it had become essential to secure this activity through a set of key measures: direct control of the supply of raw materials and the entire production chain, guaranteeing quality, optimizing costs, and accelerating innovation and market launch." said Sébastien Huron, Virbac's chief executive officer.

This is why we decided to build a new 12,000 m² production building that will integrate all the steps from raw material supply to the finished product. Located ZAC de la Mitra in Nîmes, 20 km from the Virbac current Nutrition site in Vauvert, this evolving site will eventually produce the majority of the needs. To accompany the increase in orders, additional extrusion and packaging lines may be added and a proportion of subcontracting will be retained to absorb fluctuations in demand. 

"In view of the preponderant place I give to economic development at the heart of Nîmes Métropole's competences, today is a happy day, a new milestone on the way to the Agglo's renewed dynamism. Virbac's project has met that of Nîmes Métropole; we share common values and ambitions. Thank you again for your confidence! We are happy to welcome you to our territory and to share a piece of life together", said Franck Proust, President of Nîmes Métropole.