2018/12/21 - Press

Virbac websites: make the access to information easier

vignette.jpgIn 2018, several Virbac websites were revamped: new contents, new design, new functionalities… all these changes aim at creating a better user experience.

Every day on the web, more than 3 billion queries, on any subject, are made thanks to the world's leading search engine1. In animal health, "species", "diseases" or "veterinary advice" are among the most frequently sought topics. To better provide pet owners with contents dedicated to these subjects, Virbac started in 2018 an editorial and graphic revamp of several websites: France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, China, Taiwan and New Zealand.

In practice, all the website contents were reorganized according to four key domains in animal health (species, products, diseases and advice) and rewritten to cover as many users’ interests as possible. Pages were also enriched with several content formats: graphics, videos, photos... Some websites were completed with thematic areas, for example dedicated to petfood, to undesirable behaviors or to dogs’ oral hygiene. In some countries, these pages will later contain links to online purchasing platforms for faster access to the different health solutions. Finally, in addition to a modernized graphic design, the new Virbac websites are fully adapted for a reading on smartphone, thanks in particular to long scrolling (layout of the contents on the same page) which also allows more intuitive surfing.

By the end of 2019, a dozen other websites will benefit from these changes for an ever richer user experience.


[1] Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/500m-things-google-has-never-heard-of-2013-5?IR=T