2018/06/12 - Press

Virbac wins the Pharmapack Award with its “all-in-one” Smart Cap

Pharmapack_599X400.jpgAfter five years of research and development, Virbac teams have developed Smart Cap, dedicated to extracting liquid products. This patented innovation benefitting animal health, which combines ergonomics and safety, was recognized in early 2018 with a Pharmapack Award.

Oral administration of liquid medication enables a precise dose of the product to be administered, according to the animal’s dosage requirements and characteristics. On the other hand, it presents a potential contamination risk to the caregiver and his or her team. As of end-of-year 2017, Virbac has developed a unique solution: Smart Cap, an “all-in-one” cap combining ease of use, ergonomics and safety.

Virbac-Smart-Cap.jpgIn practice, veterinarians, farmers and animal owners can extract a liquid into a vial by connecting a syringe directly to the Smart Cap. The resulting extraction of product is secured by a valve that ensures the vial’s airtight seal, and it is facilitated by the cap’s integrated venting system. Smart Cap is compatible with a majority of liquids and enables the extraction of not only solutions but also of suspensions with a high granulometry. The ergonomics of the dispenser are also enhanced as a result of an intuitive opening and closure system, approved as child-resistant under ISO 8317 and therefore in compliance with current international standards.

Smart Cap is the result of a joint research and development effort by Virbac teams (R&D, Marketing, Quality and Legal departments). It’s a technical breakthrough in animal health with potential applications in human health. It won the Pharmapack Award in February 2018 with the “Safety and ease of use” special mention. Virbac was one of three pharmaceutical laboratories working in human or animal health that were honored in 2018 for their innovations, at this landmark event in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. It’s also the 4th reward obtained by Virbac since 2009, a testament to its determination to provide veterinarians, farmers and animal owners with solutions that are practical, safe and ergonomic, adapted to their daily needs.

For more information on the Pharmapack Award, visit https://www.pharmapackeurope.com/2018-pharmapack-awards-winners