2022/09/08 - Press

WBC Congress: Virbac's scientific expertise in the service of bovine health

Vignette_site_corporate_WBC.jpgIn September 2022, our teams have answered to advance preventive medicine at the largest world congress of buiatrics.

Every two years, the WBC (World Buiatrics Congress), the reference congress organized by the World Buiatrics Association, gathers international specialists in bovine health. Following several postponements due to the pandemic, we are happy to have met our partners and colleagues in Madrid from September 4th to 8th, 2022 for the 31st edition of the congress.

Prevention: a key tool for herd health

This congress was an opportunity to highlight Virbac's scientific expertise by presenting our latest advances in preventive medicine. Led by international experts in veterinary health, our masterclasses provided an opportunity to discuss with our stakeholders (veterinarians, professionals from related companies and associations, scientists from universities and research institutes, consultants in production medicine, veterinary school students...) on two major segments: micronutrition and vaccination. 

During their presentations, Professors Joaquín Bermudez Hernandez (University of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Spain) and Sebastían Julio Picco (University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina) reminded us of the notion of oxidative stress and the importance of limiting the use of exogenous molecules (especially antibiotics) by supporting the natural processes of the animal's organism, thanks to micronutrition. The opportunity to explore with these experts the role of trace elements in the redox biology of farm animals because, as for humans, they are essential in the immune response mechanisms and for the development of the animal. Zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and phosphorus in particular, are components of a wide variety of enzymes that promote metabolism, reproduction, production and growth.

The second masterclass allowed Professors Angel Abuelo (College of veterinary medicine, Michigan, USA) and Raphaël Guatteo (École Vétérinaire INRAE/Oniris, Nantes, France) to address the topic of neonatal gastroenteritis, which is the main cause of mortality in calves before the age of one month. The two professors' presentations showed that vaccination of pregnant cows against the main pathogens responsible for diarrhea allows the production of protective antibodies that are transmitted to the newborn calf through the colostrum. 

The objective of these masterclasses? To share our tools and scientific knowledge on passive immune transfer in cattle herds through practices respectful of animal welfare.

A conference that is part of our Calf Care Solutions program

At Virbac, we have been working for many years with veterinarians and farmers through our Calf Care Solutions program to adopt a comprehensive calf health management approach that integrates diagnosis, prevention and care. Our ambition is to reduce the number of treatments on farms in order to make animals more resistant to disease. 

The WBC congress allowed us to show that, in order to care for herds, it is important to prevent diseases and ensure the long-term health of cattle. By combining our two key tools, vaccination and micronutrient supplementation, we hope to support the development of a more sustainable agriculture.

With the participation of more than 3,000 animal health professionals (veterinarians, scientists, associations...) from 74 countries, this event has allowed us to strengthen the links with our strategic partners but also to meet new ones. 
We will be pleased to meet our veterinary clients again at the next congress in 2024.