Public releases

2012 annual results

2013/03/11 - Financial public releases

A 15.8% net profit increase in 2012

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2012 annual consolidated sales

2013/01/17 - Financial public releases

Sales growth of 11.5% in 2012

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Virbac becomes a leader of the Aquaculture Health Market

2012/11/23 - Financial public releases

VIRBAC announces the signing on November 23d, 2012 of an agreement by which the Group is acquiring a majority stake in CENTROVET, the leader of the animal health market in Chile. This transaction will allow VIRBAC to become a key player in a fast-growing segment of the veterinary market: products used for protection and treatment in aquaculture breeding. 
According to this agreement, VIRBAC has purchased 51% of the shares of the CENTROVET Group from its shareholders and will have the option to acquire the remaining capital stock at the end of a five year period. The transaction is effective as of the date of signing.

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2012 third quarter consolidated sales

2012/10/18 - Financial public releases

Steady growth of sales in the third quarter

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2012 half year results

2012/08/31 - Financial public releases

Strong growth of half-year earnings

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2012 second quarter consolidated sales

2012/07/19 - Financial public releases

Continued solid sales growth in the second quarter

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2012 acquisition

2012/06/25 - Financial public releases

Virbac acquires STOCKGUARD in New-Zealand

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2012 first quarter consolidated sales

2012/04/18 - Financial public releases

Solid sales growth in the first quarter

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